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Tree Removal Basics, Tips, & Tricks

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When trees are removed by cutting near the trunk’s base, it is called tree felling. This is quite a challenging task, which is why if you want to get it done, you don’t call a man with an ax but you summon the professional. If you don’t call a trained individual, then high are the chances that the job will be sloppy, which means property damage, personal injury, or both, may happen.

Removing a tree requires meticulous planning and flawless execution. There are techniques in tree felling that only the professionals know about. This is the reason it’s important that you hire the right people for the job.

What You Should Know About Tree Removal

In most states, you cannot cut a tree without a permit. The local laws would like to make sure that the chainsaw operator has adequate knowledge of the job and trees themselves. They also should be physically able and well-trained about tree removal operations.

There are different techniques used during tree removal and it is important that the professional follow them meticulously. The cut has to be properly executed, and the direction to which the tree should fall has to be perfectly controlled. Mistakes in the execution could cause property damage, serious injuries, or even death to the bystanders or the feller himself.

Tree Removal Safety

Safe tree felling procedures are mandatory. All the necessary equipment should be in place to prevent unnecessary injuries to people and damages to properties. Tree removal is never a one-man job. If you call the professionals to handle the job, a whole team of tree experts will come at your home to handle the task, with each person given a designated role in the operation.

The observance of these safety measures becomes highly necessary in emergency removal cases, where the tree has been badly damaged by a storm or other natural calamity that it becomes hazardous to the people around it. For these instances, the chainsaw operator or sawyers should make sound decisions about the style of notch and depth of the cut to fell the tree safely.

How to Cut a Tree

There are three cutting techniques used by professional tree removal experts when felling trees. These are the horizontal cut, sloping cut, and back cut. The right cutting technique to use depends on how you want the tree felled and this is actually the first decision that they have to make when removing trees. The right choice leads to a safe and efficient tree removal procedure.

But even before the tree is cut, a pre-work inspection has to be carried out. The tree professionals should survey the area and the tree itself to plan the right course of action prior to working on the job. They should predict what direction the tree will lean using one of the three cutting techniques that they can possibly use. They should evaluate the tree’s current lean and any structural defect that it may already have. All these may affect the direction in which the tree-felling operation.

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Trees to Not Plant in Your Yard

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Tree are like human beings wherein some would thrive more in a certain place and weather and have personalities but tree personalities mean their distinct characteristics. There are trees that are dangerous to be around where there are many pedestrians and most especially would be in your yard. 

If you need help in any tree related issue you should call a Cincinnati tree services provider so that the issue will be taken care of with an expert hand. That way you would have the peace of mind that you are doing something right. Tree related accidents can be tragic and if you don’t know the first things about trees then ask an expert just to be safe.

Here are a list of trees that is dangerous to plant in your very own yard, for references if you are planning on planting one on your property.

1. Quaking Aspen

This is a beautiful attractive tree that is worthy to be on anyone’s yard except for it’s complicated root system that you definitely not want in your yard. Once the roots take hold of the soil it is going to relentlessly try to become new trees and once it is established you can expect that digging this tree out will be a pain.

2. Lombardy Poplar

Another beautiful tree that works wonders, it is more of in a columnar shape and it grows fast. That is enough for any landscaper to hyperventilate in happiness. However, this tree is prone to bug infestation and disease making it look gnarly and hard to look at after that. Add to that like the quaking aspen a root system that is very hard to get rid of.

3. Willow Tree

A beautiful magical looking tree. However you must know willows may look perfect in your yard but the horror lies on its roots. It’s roots is aggressively water hungry meaning it will seek out any reasons to get its roots in any place that has water. That includes your pipes and sewers, add to that it’s wood isn’t really that strong and will crack pretty easily.

4. Eucalyptus

A beautiful tree from Australia its growth speed is astounding for a tree. However, it is a dangerous tree because it drops suddenly and unexpectedly big branches filled with resin. Add to the horror of maintenance where in its barks peel off all the time.

5. Mountain Cedar

Mountain cedar is dangerous during winter as it this tree releases an insane amount of pollen. Which means that you would be inhaling this and any person who have asthma and allergies will have to live through that. That is not something anyone your family or neighbors would want to suffer from.

Trees are wonderful addition to any properties however, depending on many considerations of the use of the property you should make sure that you pick the right tree for your yard. The size and appropriateness of it should be considered greatly as it could affect a lot of aspect in your property.

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