The Reasons Why Repairing of Wood Pallet is Important

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Remanufactured, recycled, reconditioned or the combination of these three, are just some of the few terms you can hear for pallets which have been constructed or repaired in part with the used pallet material for re-usage.

All kinds of pallets are cost-efficient alternatives to new wood pallets as well as all can effectively deliver goods of all sizes and shapes. There are a lot of many reasons why you should re-use or repair wooden pallets and these are the following:

Your company can keep its commitment to your environment by preventing already used pallets from embracing spaces in the landfill.

Custom-sized pallets or pallets that need one-of-a-kind specs for compatibility of equipment can be made with used pallet materials for up to 25 percent less compared to a custom-made new pallet. This is actually ideal for industries like manufacturing beverage and food.

Recycled pallet materials tend to be drier compared to the new wood pallets that help strengthen the pallet making as durable and strong as a new one.

Damaged pallets which have been fixed are good for just one-way shipping however, they can be perfect for a number of shipments if combinations of materials are used in remanufacturing. Professional companies suggest new material for the recycled material and critical load dimensions for the surrounding area.

Pallets which have been reconstructed or repaired with used pallet material, like the new variety, are perfect for international shipping after they have undergone heat treatment.

Therefore, do not let damaged boards, missing nails, warped or twisted wood make you down on your old pallets. As a matter of fact, it is very possible to provide new life to your used pallets by re-using and repairing them or recycling the parts of your old pallet. There are professional and highly reputable pallet companies that can assess the supply of your pallet and help you decide regarding recycling, repairing or the combination of these two.

In addition to that, they can also offer an empty trailer at the place where you live into which you can load or unload all your wooden pallet garbage. When you choose to decide to have a full trailer instead, they can switch or drop the trailers and get rid of the waste or scrap for recycling.

How to Work Safely with Pallets and Handle Them Manually?

Pallets that are used in supply chain projects can sometimes lead to mild to severe injuries such as broken toes, sprained ankles, punctured wounds or worse. However, if used for non-approved purposes like a man lift, the outcome could be fatal. With almost thousands of millions of custom made pallets Houston TX all over the world, it needs handlers to follow some basic precautionary measures in order to avoid certain injuries.

Basic Precautionary Measures of Pallet Usage
Do not ever use a pallet as a man lift.
Empty pallets that are standing on end are not stable. Avoid standing on it to prevent possible injuries.
Do not use a broken pallet or the one not designed for the project.

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